Traditional Jaaliwork Red Green bangle set by Leshya

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This bangle set by Leshya contain 23 pieces on each hand. It is designed to be worn on both hands. The product is perfect for oth the bride and the bridesmaids. The central pieces comprises of intricate jaali work and running stones. Vibrant colour combination in bangles are used to compliment the traditional wardrobe.Blends well with beige and golden embroidery work.Available in 7 colours and 4 sizes.

  • This bangle set by Leshya contains 46 bangles in total. The design can be worn on both hands or the entire set can be worn on a single hand, based on the wearer. The material of the bangle is a combination of aluminium and alloy. The quality of plating is good and there is no fear of rubbing.
  • The design contains 24 aluminium bangles with permanent finish. The bangles have a shining texture suitably worn with silky fabric on saree or lehengas. The colors are rich in appearance and complimentary to the color of the traditional outfit.